Principal Investigator

Robert A. Riggleman

Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


  • B.S. Engineering, University of South Carolina, 2002
  • Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007

Postdoctoral training:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007-2008
  • Chemical Engineering, University of California-Santa Barbara, 2009-2010

Awards and Honors:

  • Best Paper Award, 1st Place, Semiconductor Research Corporation Annual Review (2006)
  • Best Paper Award, 2nd Place, Semiconductor Research Corporation Annual Review (2005)
  • Dahlke Hougen Fellow, University of Wisconsin – Madison, (2002-2005)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship Honorable Mention (2002)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honors society (2002)
  • Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors society (2001-present)

PhD Students

Hyun (Jennifer) Hwang

Effect of coarsening on soft matter rheology

David Ring

Polymer nanocomposite separations membranes

Ben Lindsay

Vertical alignment of nanoparticles in nanocomposite film

Robert Ivancic

Shear banding in polymer pillars

Ziyu Ye

Cavitation of Polymer Networks

Emily Lin

Polymer glass dynamics

Entao Yang

Dynamics of Cross-linked Star Polymer Nanocomposites

Alex Moore

Engineering stable glass thin films

Tianren Zhang

Dynamics of confined entangled polymers

Chris Tabedzki

Anisotropic Polymer Nanocomposite Simulations

Amruthesh Thirumalaiswamy

Soft Glassy Matter Rheology: Theory and Modeling

Wei Xiang


MS Students

Junjie Wang

Simulation of polymer network and gels


Robert Tannenbaum

MS Student

Field Theoretic Modelling for Equilibrium Polymer Conformations in Nanocomposite Systems

Huikuan (George) Chao, Ph.D.

PhD Student

Nanoparticles with brushes in polymer matrix

Jing Cao, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Field theoretic modeling of polymer electrolytes

Jason Koski, Ph.D.

PhD Student

Developing field theoretic techniques to study polymer nanocomposites

Christophe Lutz

React Summer Exchange Student

Block Bottlebrush Copolymer phase diagram and phase properties

Lauren Walters

Summer Exchange Student

Ultra stable glass relaxation mechanisms

Amit Shavit, Ph.D.

PhD Student

Nanomechanics of glass-forming materials

Brett Hagberg, M.S.


Polymer field theoretic simulations of polymer nanocomposites

Ramalingam Kailasham, M.S.

MS Student

Molecular simulation of polymer films

Michelle Sorkin


Effect of molecular architecture on properties of polymer films

Tao Wei, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Liquid crystals

Eric Pao, M.S.

MS Student

Simulating layer-by-layer deposition of charged polymers

Anubhav Sharma, M.S.

MS Student

Mechanics of differently shaped polymers using simulations

Support Staff


Making free oxygen!

Sir Ver

Creating the Matrix!