Anastasia Neuman

PhD Student

Thermodynamics of highly confined polymer blend nanocomposites

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Hi, I’m Anna! I am a PhD student in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department, coadvised by Daeyeon Lee. I use polymer field theory and molecular dynamics to understand the impacts of confinement and polymer-nanoparticle interactions on the thermodynamics of highly-filled polymer blend nanocomposites. I work closely with experimentalists in the Lee Lab creating composites with the Capillary Rise Infiltration (CaRI) method.

Prior to my PhD I earned a B.S. in Chemical-Biological Engineering from MIT, where I worked in the lab of Daniel Anderson, optimizing nanoparticle platforms for the delivery of mRNA.


  1. Capillary filling dynamics of polymer melts in a bicontinuous nanoporous scaffold
  2. Increases in Miscibility of a Binary Polymer Blend Confined within a Nanoparticle Packing
  3. Investigating Nanoparticle Organization in Polymer Matrices during Reaction-Induced Phase Transitions and Material Processing
  4. Polymer-Infiltrated Nanoparticle Films Using Capillarity-Based Techniques: Toward Multifunctional Coatings and Membranes