In this paper, we announce the public release of a massively parallel, graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated software, which is the first to combine both coarse-grained particle simulations and field-theoretic simulations in one simulation package. MATILDA.FT (Mesoscale, Accelerated, Theoretically Informed, Langevin, Dissipative particle dynamics, and Field Theory) was designed from the ground-up to run on CUDA-enabled GPUs with Thrust library acceleration, enabling it to harness the possibility of massive parallelism to efficiently simulate systems on a mesoscopic scale. It has been used to model a variety of systems, from polymer solutions and nanoparticle-polymer interfaces to coarse-grained peptide models and liquid crystals. MATILDA.FT is written in CUDA/C++ and is object oriented, making its source-code easy to understand and extend. Here, we present an overview of the currently available features, and the logic of parallel algorithms and methods. We provide the necessary theoretical background and present examples of systems simulated using MATILDA.FT as the simulation engine. The source code, along with the documentation, additional tools, and examples, can be found on the GitHub MATILDA.FT repository.